The Baagua brand and venture was developed over ten years ago in response to a growing list of enthusiastic subscription customers and suggestion by a Whole Foods store with a growing number of staff on the subscription list. As a subscription product, the working identity was Apothecary Formula Tea. The logo was inspired by the shape of a persimmon calyx, originally hand drawn onto labels of subscription customer jars, which were quart masons and 1 liter italian canning jars with climbing rope handles and a bottle exchange program. After a long product development learning curve and market tests of these and other awesome flavors (Green Dandelion Leaf + Sun Roasted Oolong), this product ended up in a sweetheart licensing agreement with a legacy US food & beverage company before ever being distributed. That lasted for a minute without much action before changes began at the big company. It never got out, and since then this bold, rad tea has been on ice. We may bring it back to life.

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